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Isolation, paradigm shifts, our predictable lives and future plans all thrown up in the air with the threat to our very existence.  Infringements on our daily routines, enforced isolation due to the deathly nature of this virus is and will continue to be a massive shakeup.   Flexibiity, adaptability and responsibility to grow under pressure requires you to be courageous, determined, optimistic and have personal and interpersonal resourcefulness to support your emotional and physical wellbeing.


Also we are being forced to give a dam about other people.   We have moved on from trying to find Work/Life balance, to being present with what is, letting the old ways go and quickly embracing new ways. We are all facing this pandemic, at the same time and together - all of humanity is at risk. 


This One-Life we are living, is filled with uncertainty, change, influenced by many interpersonal dynamics - there are so many roles we play and work within and sometimes fight against.                                            

You may  be seeking a safe space to rest and restore your energy, to calm your mind and learn how to be more resilient.  You can learn to be like the bamboo, strong and flexible .  You can learn to be more adaptable, learning to be mindful and understand your personal strengths and live from your character strengths and values.                                                 


Learning from lived experience and choosing what you will focus your attention upon.  We have One-Life to live, finding meaning and fulfillment in each day can be so rewarding for all of us.


Retreats Creative online provide you with a rich opportunity to rest, rejuvenate and give yourself an opportunity to grow from any adversity, with wisdom, humour, and insight. Retreats within your home, through joining a zoom learning platform.  Enjoying guided meditations, and creative art activities.  Sharing experiences with a larger group, and also in break out smaller triads.   Mindful walks in Nature (if restrictions and curfews permit, otherwise more guided meditation).

A safe space filled with kindness, empathy and humour, it is my honour to be your adventure guide.