Simonette Vaja is your host at Retreats Creative and we can gather for her regular zoom group programs, or individual zoom sessions. 


Hi and welcome to Retreats Creative and as I celebrate my 29th year as a registered psychologist, mental health care professional and corporate mental health and wellbeing trainer, I am reflecting on the importance of keeping up to date and providing services that are practical and sustainable.  I have enjoyed an amazing career in psychology and corporate mental health and wellbeing training.  I combined private practice with facilitating small and larger wellbeing and resilience seminars to corporate and community government agencies since the 90's.  I am principal consultant to corporate mental health services and I deliver a wide range of mental health and performance training programs. 


I am thrilled to be delivering peer support programs and mini home retreats whilst we are facing this global covid-19.  Instead of hosting retreats in Nature, we will bring the imagination and use virtual to bring retreats to you in your home.  Mindfulness and Compassion programs for your mental health and wellbeing.   So important because there are more opportunities to let-go, and immerse yourself deeply in your meditation practice and in Nature.  e also given plenty of time to fully and deeply relax, recover and revitalise.

Working from Home
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