School holidays in October, December 2020

Sharing quality time where you can connect more deeply and we know life travels fast.  


Whenever you  spend time in Nature you can notice the therapeutic benefits - especially when you can see far and wide, the great expanse of trees that we have here in the Blue Mountains. Noticing the seasons and cycles of change.

At home during our Pandemic crises, we are learning to adapt to the confines, constraints and crises of our family life.

During Lockdown, or isolation it can seem a lifetime that you have been in the cold dark night of despair and then suddenly one day the warmth reveals a new insight, a new idea forms in your mind.  You are probably in great need of some creative and rejuvenation time.  Sometimes you can feel like history is repeating itself, "here I go again, the same issues just a different place or person".  When ever I hear someone ask "how many times before I get it?" I  suggest to them, that as we grow bolder we become more resilient and wise - and each time we come back to a similar experience to think of it as a spiral, visiting a similar place but with more insight and choice.  This online retreat is for mothers and daughters of all ages, who could benefit from deepening their relationship through creative arts, story telling and understanding each others perspectives.

Mothers and daughters Creative HeArt online retreat.

Four hour session - up to 8 families