This Retreat is for YOU!
Take time out for your mental health and wellbeing.  During your stay, You will be cared for in a private and confidential setting.  You can spend as much time as you wish in the beauty of Nature, attending the resilience and self care classes that are offered.  You will have time to be creative in your own way either, Art, drawing or writing, reading. 
My intention for you is that you will have time to recover and re-connect to  your own wisdom and creativity. Bring a friend or family member with you, or come along yourself. Emerse yourself in Nature, spend time practicing your deep relaxation and leave the weekend revitalised, with a renewed sense of humour and wonder that you can take back into your everyday life.
What you can expect from the Weekend
  • Logistics:  on registration you will receive a comprehensive welcome package with details of the itinerary and details of what to bring along to the Weekend and the weekend itinerary. (seasonal)
  • Individualised self-care resilience program and heART journal
  • Arrival time after 2pm Friday departure Sunday 4pm
  • Accomodation: Shared and private single rooms are available, accommodation is comfortable and ambient with combustion fireplaces.
  • Outside you are surrounded by Nature, Trees and escarpments, peace and quiet.
  • Horses grazing near by and opportunity to go trail riding in a supervised group.
  • Delicious meals prepared especially to nourish all your whole Being
  • Experienced qualified Massage therapist - choice of male and female
  • Morning routines - gentle stretches and mindful meditation with the horses
  • Four learning modules on Resilience and Character strengths
  • Group sessions and private sessions through out the weekend
    • Transforming anxiety into relaxation
    • Complete mind and body relaxation
    • Creativity and Mindfulness in everyday life
    • Optimism and Therapeutic Visualisation
  • Wisdom Circle - Q and A time
  • Solitude and silence in Nature
During your Retreat you will have time to contribute, learn, inspire and have time to recover, renew and rejuvinate surrounded by the astonishing beautWorld Heritage Blue Mountains Australia.