DIY Home Retreats. Whilst we navigate the many constraints, and adjust to new challenges, we need to invent new ways of connecting and continuing our practices of self care and growing our capacity to live in harmony with others.  Connecting with others online can support our sense of community and connection. Creative arts, music, movement and sharing our stories helps connect us to the meaning of our lives.  Ikigai, the reason for getting out of bed in the morning.   Check out Our services which include mental health care elearning modules, zoom live home retreats and  regular mindful living programs to support compassion for each other as we navigate these global disruptions and take time to go within, to stay safe. 

Retreats Creative
Often the most inspiring artistry comes from reaching into the depth of your emotional experiences.
Come away for a weekend retreat, or arrange for a regular weekly meditation and creative arts retreat with your friends.   If you have a group of friends, or workmates who would love to spend some time together, relaxing, being creative, having a laugh and getting into the mood of Mindfulness - please let us know and we can help you arrange, accommodation, and a most enjoyable weekend retreat.
Time to Paint and go with the flow of colour
How deep is your soul? - let your creativity flow freely into the truth of your unique Artistic expression
 Narrative processes - Stories we share
Writing your life stories - future visioning
Time to write in your journal - soulful and uncensored!
Making sense of it All & gaining peace of mind
​I am in my sixtieth year and re-inventing, re-creating and just being the wild at heart woman I am by nature.  In the late 90's wild at heart facilitator for life courses through Nature care college and my team of wild at heart people loved to get away together and to gather our strength and creative passions.  Over the years we have been running Retreats and wisdom circles on weekends, over the internet and loving the challenges of Retreats for over 27 years.   Each retreat will be nourishing all of your senses, with guided meditaiton practices, delicious massages, divine meals and soul mates you may not have met before.  Art supplies are included. An opportunity to be in the flow! Mind Health Wellbeing Retreats are available throughout the year providing valuable self care strategies and mindfulness opportunities in Nature.