Relaxing Massage




Nature offers healing and restorative ecology. Nature keeps on growing and thriving regardless of what we humans inflict.  The World Heritage Blue Mountains area offers endless abundance of Nature, trees, ferns, rocks and waterfalls, fresh air,  a unique ecology of health and wilderness. Psychology has embraced Mindfulness approaches to mental health and research based on ancient wisdom - Anxiety and human suffering is derived from unhelpful Beliefs and Self limiting stories that we live by as social beings.   Stories that guide and limit your self expression and overall wellbeing.  Critical life events and trauma impacts your life in a totally significant manner. Recent research has proven that 20 minutes in nature decreases cortisol in the body, improving overall wellbeing.   Our weekend retreats aim to show you how to turn your greatest pain into growth and practices to guide you to live a fulfilling life.  Instead of being bound by fears you will learn how to begin to grow in your life and to apply your learning in helpful ways. Check out our Airbnb retreat for couples. 

You are part of Nature and whenever you can spend time enjoying and tending to the awe inspiring beauty and wonder your emotional experience can be profoundly uplifted.  Instantly, the content of your mind is improved and your overall wellbeing improves too. You can lead a life that is rich and meaningful. Recent research supports that 20 minutes in nature each day significantly reduces anxiety and improves wellbeing.  You can't worry when you are experiencing wonder and awe.


You will have your own mindfulness routine to practice throughout your work day and when you transition from work to home.   Taking care of your third space with mini breaks between meetings and projects, longer breaks on the weekends, and regular holidays to recoup and revitalise.