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Mind Health Retreats invite you to enjoy space and time for restoring your energy and connect to your inner peace.  Spending 20 minutes in Nature can support your wellbeing and inspiration. Thriving by Nature. If you have a creative and artistic pursuit you will enjoy the Art-space for journal writing and painting.  There are opportunities for treking on horse back, and walking along river banks with majestic Blue Mountain views.  In the evenings you can enjoy cuddling up to a warm open fire with time to relax your whole mind and body.


The clean air of the majestic World Heritage listed Blue Mountains is incredible and perfect to practice your deep breathing and morning routine.  We invite you to indulge and give yourself a well deserved treat.  


Learning to calm yourself around the horses can provide you with increased self awareness and skills to become responsive to your every day events, rather than over reactive. My name is Simonette, I am a growth psychologist and mindfulness facilitator I will meet with you and be your inner guide.  We will work together and when you leave the retreat you will have your own mind-health fitness program to practice back at home and work.  Life throws lots of surprises some challenge us more than we can ever imagine, I believe we grow more diverse, interesting and compassionate because of these life experiences.


I gave up on seeking enlightenment, choosing to focus on leading a fulfilling life. Mind retreats in Nature are restorative for your mind, emotions, body and soul. I have developed a number of e.learning and audio meditations that enhance loving relationships. 


There are delicious surprises in store for you at our Mind Health Retreats.  There is truth to the wisdom when the student is ready the teacher arrives.   Serendipity brings us together and we learn from each other.  We can all pause and enjoy the stunning views. I encourage you to pause and look inside yourself - to listen to your quiet voice of truth. I have been teaching mindfulness practices and self awareness groups for more than two decades and still as enthusiastic about bringing people together in small group of peoples.  With attention you can bring more harmony to the matrix of your relationships. Taking a Retreat from your busy life, to review, restore, recreate and revision the way you wish to move forward.                                                              


Simonette Vaja is your host at Retreats Creative and Facilitates mindfulness practices.

I have enjoyed an amazing career in psychology and corporate mental health and wellbeing training.  I combined private practice with facilitating small and larger wellbeing and resilience seminars to corporate and community government agencies since the 90's.  I am principal consultant to corporate mental health services and I deliver a wide range of mental health and performance training programs. 


I am thrilled to be delivering peer support programs in the workplace and have much work to do in this area.  Designing and delivering group programs for Retreats away from the workplace is important because there are more opportunities to let-go, and immerse yourself deeply in your meditation practice and in Nature.  e also given plenty of time to fully and deeply relax, recover and revitalise.